Monday, August 30, 2010

Slingshot Hip Hop

You wanna know how to bring peace to the Middle East? Drop some hip hop on their dumb asses. That shit would work in about a week. After all, the music of the streets doesn't lie.



David Allen said...

Yeah - sure, PJ. You'd just see a different version of Bloods and Crips and drive by shootings.

pj said...

C'mon, Dave...I'd rather have a Muslim West Side Story than Massadras and terrorist training grounds. Wouldn't you?

David Allen said...

What's funny, shocking and sad all at the same time is that you think there is a difference between gangs and terrorists. It would be amusing if gangs were really as gay and laughable as West Side Story - but in reality they're all just thugs. Terrorists are just a more structured "corporate" versions of street gangs.