Friday, January 4, 2008

Whitey Said What?

Unbelievable. A brown-skinned brother wins in Iowa. Iowa is so white it makes Nevada look like Mississippi. Then again…the ‘Bama is so white he makes Hillary Clinton look like Tina Turner.

Now everyone says the ‘Bama’s got a target on his back ‘cause he’s the new front-runner. That’s not the real reason though…while most of us live here in the 21st century; there are BSC freaks out there who don’t think a man of color (or a woman of ANYTHING) should be president of these here United States.

We hate goin’ all Kreskin on it, but we will. The better Hil and the Bamer do, the more likely either one (or both) will get BobbyK’d before the general election. We hope we’re wrong...

But may the Invisible Man in the Sky help us if we’re right.


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