Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fa Z U Later!

Sad times here in the 775. Nick Fazekas, the greatest player to ever don Wolf Pack silver and blue, got kicked to the curb by the Dallas Mavericks yesterday. Bummer. We’ve gotta be up front here…Fuzzy was one of our all-time faves but we always knew his game wouldn’t translate to the big show.

In college, Fuzzy tore it up. But opponents like Idaho, Maine, Montana and Arkansas-Pine Bluff don’t help your game when LBJ, the Diesel and Superman are rubbin’ a butt on ya.

This should be a wakeup call to JaVale McGee, Armon Johnson or any other Nevada hoopster considering jumping early. If the biggest, baddest, bestest Wolf Pack basketball player of all time can barely get a cup of coffee in the big show, what makes you think you can make it? Stay the full four (or five) years and enjoy it…’cause when it’s over for you in the 775…it just might ALL be over.


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