Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Farewell Fidel

For the last five decades the USofA has pissed in the faces of the Cuban people all because “El Presidente” is a commie pinko. But we always had a soft spot in our hearts for the “Big-F”. He loved him some baseball (just like us) and loved nothing more than to be the pubic hair on the soda can of American presidents (EXACTLY like us). See, unlike politicians and other chicken shits, we’re not afraid of communism. Hell…if the SoG was alive today…HE’D be a commie.

But Fidel announced his retirement today and right on cue, the pResident chimed in. Straight out of chimp-dick’s lie hole comes this gem: “I view this as a period of transition and it should be the beginning of the democratic transition in Cuba." Democratic transition? Since when WPE?

Here’s the crux of our biscuit…If we put the Cuban people through hell ‘cause they’re commies…WTF is up with our “good friends” China? Oh…we love us the Chi-nee ‘cause they sell us lead-infested crap at really cheap prices and they let our companies do business there. As they say, it’s an untapped market. If there’s money to be made, by golly, we’ll make it! So Chinese communism is O.K. according to Bush-Wipe.

What about Viet Nam? American soldiers fought and died in that godforsaken shit-hole AGAINST communism. The commies won. So, is Vietnamese communism bad? Hell no. Since they’re gonna let a lot of big U.S. companies do business in their country too, WPE has decided they’re our friends now. He even went to Viet Nam (forty years too late) and sucked up to their leader like an infant on a nipple. Just to show how much he cares.

It’s this hypocritical bullshit that makes us crazy! Time and time again we mention that our bestest friends in the middle east, Saudi Arabia, treat citizens worse than Michael Vick treats his dogs. Does GWB2 embargo them? No. Does he call for democratic elections? No. What does he do? He sells them guns and bullets and bombs and doesn’t say a word to 'em. HYPOCRITE!

George…you’d better not EVER come back to the 775. If you do, we’re gonna put a foot so far up your ass that we’ll need your dentist to tie our shoe! As for Cuba...we think MLB should move Tampon Bay to Havana and make everyone happy.

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