Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Last night Barack Obama swept the Chesapeake primaries like a washerwoman on a dirty kitchen floor. It was a spankin' of epic proportions. Watching the 'Bamer give his victory speech gave us chills. In front of 18,000 screamin' Badgers BoB showed us all his ideas of positive possibilities.

After seven years of chimp-dick lippin' things like "Stay the course", "You're either with us or against us" and "Nukyuler" it was refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is rather than someone spewin’ what they think we want to hear.

On the other side JMac was plain creepy. Addressing a crowd numbering less than GWB's I.Q., in a room smaller than a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport, surrounded by fossilized crackers, he stumbled along like he was a naked eighth grader giving a presentation to the entire school. At one point, Mr. “1,000 Years War” said, “There is no greater threat, no bigger obstacle than the patriotism of the American public. The lady standing behind him heard that and looked as if she’d swallowed a bug. Priceless. Yo JMac…get a new speechwriter and actually look over the stuff before you open yer spew-hole.

After hearin’ the ‘Bamer orate the chrome off a trailer hitch and McCain using the same talking points as every other Bush-Wipe…PTB scratched in our little notebook: Game. Over.


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