Thursday, February 14, 2008


Here at PTB we love us some Olympics. We've always been of the mind that if countries would settle their differences on the athletic field instead of the battlefield, the world would be a much better place (are ya listenin’ Bush-Wipes?).

Anyone who’s ever been here in the 775 knows we’ve got us some great winter recreatin’. We even got to host an Olympiad back in the ‘60’s. Now the powers that be want to get us the 2018 Winter games. YEE HAW!!! Nothin’ like drinkin’ and smokin’ and partyin’ with skiers, skaters and snowboarders. Remember Hot Dog The Movie? Those winter athletes sure know how to get jiggy. ANYWAY…

We were all for throwin’ our hat into the ring ‘til Brian Krolicki two cents’ed his opinion. The Lt.Gov. said that to make a competitive bid, he’s gonna have to use OUR tax money. WTF? Now, we know BKro. He’s a nice guy. Kinda hot too (for a dude). But who’ll really profit from the 775 hosting an Oly? Ski resorts…yeah. People who frequent ski resorts…yeah. The owners of hotels and casinos…yup. And that’s about it.

It’s funny how politicians talk about high taxes and non-existent services when they’re running for office. Then, when they get elected, they spend OUR tax money like Pacman Jones makin’ it rain in a strip club. Look…the cops have to beg for money for DNA testing, schools are having to rely on parents to volunteer their time ‘cause there isn’t enough money and the poor and the mentally ill get back-burnered ‘til one of ‘em goes BSC then everyone whines about the lack of funding.

Using OUR tax money to ATTEMPT to get an Oly is misguided at best and dereliction of duty at worst. Nothing is guaranteed. It sure would be a stick in the mud if all that money were spent on our proposal…and we lost. OOPS! Better to spend OUR tax money on things we know we need…not on things we hope we’d get.

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