Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Say it Ain't So Mo!

Did we read this right? The Mo was trippin’ when the “Invisible Man in the Sky” gave him the "Double High Five"? Brilliant!

People have been doin’ drugs to get mind-expansion since the first caveman licked a toad’s butt and started hallucinating.

If you’re on hallucinogenic drugs, are you really seeing God? Does God look like Jimi Hendrix? Cheech and Chong? How did you get rid of the munchies back in the B.C.? Where were the cops? Did they let Moses slide ‘cause he was a big wig? Can you see the look on Moses’ face the next day when he rolled into work and they told him he had to pee in a bottle?

That’s the crux of our biscuit though…If you need drugs to get closer to your “God” then your God might just as well be Timothy Leary!


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