Monday, March 3, 2008

Wet Security Blanket

Here in the USofA ought 8, there are millions of redneck, BSC cracker barrels out there whose worst nightmare is about to come true… President Barack Hussein Obama. YEEE HAWWWW!!!!

Last week the Old Gray Lady posited about BOb’s safety and wondered if he’d get BobbyK’d or Oswalded. It’s something we’ve talked about before here at PTB. No matter how good security is, some wack-job could put an end to it all. But we have the answer.

All BOb has to do is pick Hillary as his V.P. and he’s in the clear. Why? The one thing that scares the bad guys more than a brown-skinded brother with his finger on the button is Mrs. Bill Clinton a heartbeat away from takin’ over. If Hil was second in command, everyone to the right of Ted Kennedy would make damn sure that BOb took his vitamins, exercised regularly and stayed in peak physical form. The right might not like BOb…but anything is better to them than Hill Bill Vol 2.

Best. Vice President. Ever.


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