Monday, April 28, 2008

Diamonds and Rust

We’ve been on cloud nine ever since we found out the 775 was getting a Triple-A baseball team. After all, baseball is America’s pastime and we love to pass us some time watching a baseball game.

So, the quandary for us all now is what to name the team? The name needs to be strong. The name needs to be classy. The name should bring to mind the 775. The name should have a baseball-related theme. And the name should reflect the image of the parent club. So, as a public service, we’ll reiterate our stance that the new team should be the Reno Diamonds. Why?

Diamonds are the hardest mineral in the world – even harder than Dick Cheney’s heart.

Diamonds are so classy, they’re a girl’s best friend. In comparison, guys best buddies are dogs.

Diamonds bring to mind the 775 in the form of that little red thingy on playing cards. No, not the heart-shaped red thingy…the OTHER one.

Baseball is played on a field commonly referred to as a diamond.

Our new parent club is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

So, y’all can have yer contest and let some snot-nosed little fourth grader name the team the Chukars (something you do after you’ve had too much to drink), Blackjacks (something used to smack someone on the side of the head) or the Padres (Weakest. Religious Figure. Ever.) or you can go with the name that y’all know is the right one.


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