Friday, April 25, 2008

PoPo No No

Dammit! We wanted to go lite today seein’ as how it’s Friday and all. But circumstances have changed and we just HAVE to add our two bits.

As we’ve said many times before…here at PTB we love us the PoPo. Without them, BSC rat-bastards would be everywhere. But we’ve gotta ask…WTF is up with NYPD Blue?

Three detectives were acquitted Friday in the 50-shot killing of an unarmed man leaving his bachelor party. FIFTY FUCKIN’ SHOTS!!! Isn’t NYPD Blue trained to shoot straight? The victim was UNARMED! Hell, it’s not even the first time. Back in ’99, New York’s finest popped more than forty caps in a dude ‘cause they MISTOOK HIS WALLET FOR A GUN!!! And when they’re not using firearms on their victims, they’re using BROOMSTICKS. We call that one the “Rudy in the Booty.”

Look, we know that police work is hours of drudgery sprinkled with moments of terror. But that’s the job you chose. No one forced you to put on the uniform. No one MADE you become a cop. If you’re having trouble identifying the differences between an armed suspect and an unarmed innocent, maybe you should sign up to be a contractor for Blackwater or KBR. But if you’re gonna continue to patrol a beat, the least you could do is learn your craft to the point where you’re not killing those you swore to serve and protect.


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