Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fry On Freebird

Albert Hoffman sleeps with the fishes today. No worries, he was 102 years old and when you get up into triple digits like that, you pretty much know you’re a short-timer.

Now, y’all might be thinkin’ to yourselves, “WTF is Albert Hoffman?” Well, the Hoffster wasn’t what you’d call a household name but he was the chemist who discovered lysergic acid diethylamide-25 in 1938. That’s right. Pre-WWII, good ole’ Albert invented LSD. After Tim Leary made acid popular in the ‘60’s and a couple of dumb-asses jumped out of windows, making it SCARY to the establishment, in stepped the Government-Cheese. They banned the drug in 1966.

“BOOGITYBOOGITYBOOGITY,” they said. “We’ve got to keep this dangerous drug out of the hands of innocent Americans! It’s for their own safety.” Yeah right. Here’s the crux of today’s biscuit:

If the Government-Cheese is worried about drugs and our safety, how come alcohol is legal? If the Government-Cheese is worried about drugs and our health, how come tobacco is legal? Why? ‘Cause they make a lot of money from the sales and taxing of those drugs. Bet your bottom dollar that if the Government-Cheese found a way to distribute, sell and tax LSD, there’d be vending machines everywhere sellin’ it.

The United States government never has and never will care about you, your safety or your health. They only care about spending your money. Is LSD really bad for you? Albert Hoffman took acid trips for decades…and he lived to be 102. So much for that theory.


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