Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Wright Stuff

Today we’re gonna talk a little bit about Reverend Jeremiah Wright. We’ve been seeing, reading and hearing a lot of people trash him but we haven’t seen, read or heard anyone defend him. Well, we’re here to tell you…we’re gonna jump on the other side of that fence and throw a few fluff bombs of our own at Reverend Wright’s critics.

First things first – Jeremiah Wright is an American patriot. He served in the Navy AND the Marines. So, all the blowhards calling RJW a traitor can shove it up their asses. He has EARNED the right to say any damned thing he likes about the good ole’ USofA. And unless you were in both the Navy and the Marines…STFU!

When RJW gave his now infamous “God DAMN America” sermon it sure shook up whitey. But the quote was taken out of context. RJW wasn’t damning America or Americans…he was damning the United States Government. Big difference. Now, we’re not sure about his AIDS comments. After all…with what the government-cheese did to black soldiers at Tuskegee…we don’t put it past the rat-bastards to do that type of stuff today. The only question we have is why aren’t Black Americans more pissed off than they are?

Hell, last week a brown-skinded brother was found innocent of a crime through DNA testing. The dude spent TWENTY-SEVEN years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. SHEESH! Hundreds of brothers have been released from prison under the exact same circumstances. The disproportionate number of black and brown and tan people in prison sure makes it look like the crackers are out to get ‘em.

Blacks had to wait almost a hundred years after the Civil War to play the American pastime! Hell, it took ‘till 1979 (and threats from the government) for blacks to be able to preach in the Mormon religion. WTF is up with that? On the outside looking in, we’ve gotta tell you…being a person of color in America today must really suck!

But the real point we wanna make today is about RJW’s 9/11 comment. You know…the one that said America’s foreign policy is what brought the terrorist attack? Hate to break it to all the redneck pink-asses out there but he’s right on the money. And if you don’t believe it, you’re as dumb as Chimp-Dick.

According to that BSC OBL, America’s presence in the Middle East (in particular the military presence in Saudi Arabia) was indeed the reason he plotted, then carried out, the 9/11 attacks. Muslims don’t hate America for our freedoms…they don’t hate us because of our decadent ways…they don’t even hate us for American Idol. No, the Muslims that DO hate us hate us ‘cause we’ve got soldiers in their holiest of holy places – Mecca. There’s nothing that pisses ‘em off more than our military marking territory where Muslims pray. And as long as we have a military presence in the Middle East, we’re all targets. Just because politicians say we have to fight ‘em over there so they don’t come here doesn’t make it true. As long as we’re over there…they’re on the way here. Reverend Wright hit the nose on the head…and we’re all too stupid to see it.


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