Friday, April 18, 2008

Will Play For Food

We know that readers of PTB have higher than normal vocabules. You’ve gotta know your stuff wandering around here. Those who don’t, will never get jokes like: “Obama-tude”, “crackufacturing” and “chimp-dick”.

Now, we love helping those less fortunate than us. Our problem is, there just aren’t that many people less fortunate than us. C’mon, living in mom & dad’s basement, working for the minimum wage and blogging in Cyberia is pretty far from being “fortunate”. But being poor in the USofA is NOTHING like being poor in say…Sudan, Colombia or Nepal. That’s where we’re asking our readers to help.

FreeRice is an online word game. Pretty simple to play…read the word and pick the correct definition. Get the word right and sponsors will donate twenty grains of rice to the U.N. World Food Program. We know what you’re thinking -- twenty grains of rice doesn’t sound like much. But if enough people play, things’ll add up quickly. So to you dear readers, please, take the time, drop in and play a few words. You’ll be doin’ it for a good cause. And like Uncle Bill always used to say “Be careful, you just might learn something before it’s done.”

If you haven't here to play.

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