Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why JZeus Spins in His Grave

A couple of quick thoughts on PoBen bein’ on this side of the ATL
If the Pope is the voice of God on earth…how come he needs such tight security? Wouldn’t the invisible man in the sky take care of that stuff? Pope’s got so much muscle, he looks like skeevy Uncle Fester visiting a market in Baghdad.

The Pope mentioned that Americans need to make their political choices with compassion. Does that mean he’s against the war? If the Pope is against the war but pResident chimp-dick isn’t Catholic, can we still bomb the shit out of Iran?

Wouldn’t the two BILLION dollars y’all had to pay to clergy sex-abuse victims been better off helping the poor rather than buying off accusers? BTW…how the hell does a church get BILLIONS of dollars? Something about throwing out the money changers comes to mind here.

With all your secret church rituals (think The DaVinci Code), your way out there ideas (no birth control, a couple of times around a rosary and you’re clean as a whistle) and your clergy’s penchant for pedophilia…what makes the Catholic Church different than the FLDS?

If Catholics have to go to marriage counseling before they get hitched in the church, why are they counseled by a priest who’s never been, and never gonna be, married? WTF does a priest know about marriage?

One last thing straight to you PoBen. You said today that the clergy sex-abuse scandal needs to be viewed in the “wider context of secularism and the over-sexualization of America.” Do you really believe that horseshit? Look bro, 26 million Americans might think you’re the mouthpiece of God but here at PTB we know better. The only difference between you and the motherhubbards that excommunicated Galileo is a couple hundred years. Quit blaming your problems on people who don’t believe in your magic fairies and quit blaming your problems on American’s sexual appetites. You know little to nothing about either.

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