Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home Sick

Yeah…we know the economy is tight. But here in the 775 we have no one to blame but ourselves. Ya see, NoNV voted overwhelmingly for Chimp-Dick and Doctor Evil back in ‘04. Heck, the only Congressional District to be even MORE in favor of the pResident-In-Chief is that creepy northern Mississippi district where the most common relations are “Uncle-Dad” and “Cousin-Ma.”

The crux of the biscuit today is…

Why do the taxpayers of Nevada have to fund a mansion for the Governor to live in when he doesn’t even live there? How many servants, cooks, maids, butlers and security guards are we paying for so GJG can have a place to entertain his bourgie guests?

Yo Guv…you’ve ordered everyone in the state to cut back on costs. Maybe you should do the same. You could start with the Governor’s know...the one you don't live in anymore.


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