Friday, May 23, 2008

'Til Death Do Us Part

Hardcore readers of PTB know the malevolence we feel toward politicians. Most of ‘em are skeevy, elitist, pampered, rich, bourgie, motherhubbards looking out for numero uno. But every now and then one of those crazy turds really makes a splash.

The other night Nevada State Assemblywoman Francis Allen and her husband were attending a shindig where Mr. Assemblywoman allegedly “embarrassed” his wife. We’re sure that anyone who’s ever been married has had a similar incident happen to them. Hubby probably got sloshed, started dancin’ around the room wearing only a bar napkin and a lampshade, then started puttin’ the moves on the boss’ wife.

Not happy with her hubby’s exploits Assemblywoman Allen did what any BSC spouse would do…she SHANKED him! Stuck him like an Easter ham! She gave him a cold steel enema! This is how Nevada’s leadership behaves? SHEESH! Guess we’re lucky she didn’t pop a cap in the guy. If she keeps her job though, it’ll be just one more example of how the criminal justice system in this country favors the rich and targets the poor.

Now, this is the second time this month that people who govern the Silver State have had public displays of affliction so we have a question…

Yo…to all our gay brothers and sisters out there…you SURE you want the right to get married? After all, you can be in a monotonous, love-less, sex-less, unsatisfying, violent relationship WITHOUT a piece of paper from the church…and you don’t have to pony up for a ring!


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