Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Late and a Dollar Short

Today we wanted to expand a little bit on yesterday’s post. Y’all know that here at PTB we love our men and women in uniform. That said…Memorial Day blows. You lay your ass on the line 24/7/365, livin’ and dyin’ in the Suck tour after tour and for what? So the rest of the country can get another three day weekend? So furniture stores can slash prices and offer huge discounts on mattresses? SHEESH! No, we’re of the ilk that Memorial Day should be every day. After all, freedom isn’t free and our men and women in uniform are paying the price with every breath they take.

Now, we’re from the side who believes that “Support Our Troops” means bringin’ ‘em home. No war…no casualties. Simple enough. Problem is, the Government-Cheese doesn’t give a rat’s ass about bringin’ our troops home. How do we know? Y’all ever heard of the G.I. Bill? That’s the legislation that helps veterans after their service to our country has ended. It helps ‘em with college tuition, it helps ‘em get home loans. You know, the things you’d expect the greatest country in the world to do for the soldiers who fight for freedom.

Well, there’s a new version of the G.I. Bill wending its way through the halls of Congress. It has the blessing of politicians from both sides of the aisle. But not everybody is a supporter of our troops. There are two high-profile opponents of the new G.I. Bill. Now, you might be asking yourselves, “Who in the fu-schizzle could be so heartless, so callous, so mean-spirited as to deny our brave men and women in uniform benefits they so richly deserve?” None other than Chimp-Dick and Geezer McSkeevy. That’s right…pResident George Bush and Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain are AGAINST the new G.I. Bill.

You’d think America’s highest-profile combat dodger and its most famous Manchurian Candidate would, you know, actually SUPPORT our troops. After all, those two wannabes wear their little flag pins on their lapels and blow a lot of hot air spoutin’ ‘bout what patriots they are. You’d be wrong. No, according to the New York Times, WPE and Ancient McOldie don’t support the new G.I. Bill because it gives so much to the troops, everyone will want to get out and no one will want to reenlist! Aye Caramba! Look guys…no one wants to be in the Suck. Everyone wants to get out of the Suck and we owe it to everyone who’s ever been in the Suck to help make their civilian life a little easier. Here at PTB we think we owe it to ‘em. As for the Government-Cheese…once you’re out, they don’t give a shit about you.

Every time one of those rat-bastards say they love America and they support our troops…they’re lying!


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