Thursday, May 15, 2008

When WalMart Starts Selling These...

Awash in a sea of negativity lately…we thought we’d dry off and get some positive vibes goin’ today.

Back before our time, a magazine called Popular Mechanics was layin’ out their vision of the future. WOW! Moon colonies, flying cars and personal jet packs were gonna be all over the place.

Fast forward to today. The moon is as bare as your wallet after filling your gas tank.

The flying car? They’ve got a few out but they’re as rare as an electric car. BTW…they promised us electric cars too!

Personal jet packs have been available since the 70’s but they never took off…pun intended. Besides…can you imagine rollin’ a DUI with one of those things? SPLAT!

Which brings us to today’s video. The guy’s name is Yves Rossy aka “Fusion Man” and this motherhubbard ROCKS! He jumped out of a plane, did a short freefall and let rip FOUR jet engines attached to a wing on his back. He managed to juice it up to 186mph, 8,200ft and even did a couple of barrel rolls and 360’s. He says next year he’s gonna fly across the English Channel.

We’ve only got one question: Where the hell do WE get one of those things?

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