Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Reagan Defense -- "I don't remember"

Ya know, this Jim Gibbons divorce thingy is getting’ freakier every day. Hey, no problems…we here at PTB are just fine with freaky. But we wanna make two observations about the Gov’s recent revelations:

Yo GJG…you text messaged your skronk almost a thousand times in a six week period and you say you don’t remember what any of the messages were. Nice. Aren’t you supposed to have more than a tiny brain pan to be the friggin’ governor? It’s the typical politician’s alibi. Deny it happened then, when you get caught, say you don’t remember.

You said that in the early months of your administration that you’d talk to your paramour about your office, your tax policy and your personnel decisions. Question for you Jimmy boy: Do you think it’s proper for you, as Governor, to discuss personnel matters with your ‘ho? Believe this…if you were a democrat, the tighty-righties would have already opened a can of impeaches on your ass. Do us all a favor…resign. Then you won’t have the big, bad, evil media monsters tracking your every move anymore. That’ll be up to the Bush-wipes' secret eavesdropping program.

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