Thursday, July 3, 2008

War of the Ho'ses

We got lucky when the Supreme Court appointed Chimp-Dick to the highest gig in the land. No, not because we wanted to break the military with two illicit wars, not because we wanted a gallon of gas to cost more than a lobster dinner and not even ‘cause we wanted the government-cheese to wipe their collective asses with the Constitution. No, we got lucky ‘cause GWB married Laura Welch.

See, we grew up with skanks like "Just Say No" Nancy, Mrs. Bush Vol.1 and Sir Edmund Hillary serving as first ladies. Talk about a Wolf Pack. ARF! But Mrs. Bush…lol…we said Mrs. BUSH…HAW! She’s a stone-cold fox.

When we heard that Americans are debating which potential first lady they’d like better, Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain, we had to drop our dime on this one ‘cause we like ‘em BOTH!

Michelle Obama is one smokin’ hot MILF. We’d tap that ass in a New York Minute. Hop in the sack with her and it’s “LIVIN’ THE VIDA MOCHA!” She’s the hippest, coolest thing to hit the DC since Jackie-O…and, you just KNOW there was a reason why they called her that! From here on, the ‘Bamer’s wife shall be known as Michelle-O. We sure wonder if she’s worthy of the “O”. Our guess is yes.

On the other side of the aisle is Cindy McCain. Now she’s a smokin’ hot GILF. The former beauty queen has that look that says “I’m classy in public and a ‘ho in the bedroom. YIKES! How do we know? She was bangin’ Senator McSame while he was married. Evil, nasty, dirty girl! From here on Mrs. McCain shall be known as Sin-D. Besides, she’s filthy, stinkin’ rich! She’s so loaded, she makes Bill Gates look like he’s homeless!

Either way you slice it, we’re gonna have four more years of a hot, sexy first lady. Maybe we’ll do a booty call on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Monica Lewinsky did and she's a MAJOR skank!


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