Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Meanderings

The Monday after a holiday is the hardest day of the year to go to work. Alcohol. tobacco and barbeque sauce still on your breath (and fingers). The sweet smell of burned sulphur in your nose and the sight of the rockets red glare etched on to the back of your retinas. Yup, the Monday after a holiday is a tough one so we’re gonna go light and do a couple of hit-and-runs.

No end in sight for the salmonella outbreak. The FDA continues to investigate but they’re as clueless as a bag of doorknobs. Can you say Keystone Cops? Funny, notice how all the ingredients suspected in this whole circle-puke are in Mexican food? Tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeƱos. SHEESH! Like our brown-skinded brothers from Mexico need more shit from the tighty-righties. Guess that asinine immigration wall is working out just the way the government-cheese wants it to.

Seems old, infirm and sickly prisoners in Cali are puttin’ a crimp in the state budget. No shit. Problem is, the United States has more people in prison than friggin’ CHINA! WTF is up with that? Oh yeah. If you’re Mexican or brown-skinded or you put drugs in your system not okayed by the feds you’re livin’ in the gray bar motel long time. If you’re a white, bourgie, celebrity type you get let off the hook. You think if Tatum O’Neil was you or me she’d have gotten off like she did? No. If it were you and me, we’d be languishing in Gitmo. Guaranteed.

So, the University of Nevada has run up a tab for outside legal fees to the tune of 1.7 million dollars. Huh? UNR is cutting programs like they’re overgrown toenails. They’re cranking up student tuition and fees and then they run up a bill like this. Someone’s Wolf Pack head should be on a platter over this cluster-fuck. BTW…if the football team routinely loses two million dollars a year, why not cut THAT waste of money? It’s not like anyone goes to football games anyway. Besides, UNR’s stance is that football can, eventually, increase revenues. Right. By beating the snot out of Sacramento State? By playing nowhere in a nothing bowl the day after Thanksgiving? Hey Glickety-Split…just ‘cause the Little General can kick your ass doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider cutting him loose. After all, you’ve fired coaches with much better teams and much better records.

And finally…according to the AP, pools and parks are starting to open in Baghdad. Great. Brings new meaning to the ol’ CANNONBALL! Oh yeah…in this picture…the lifeguard at the pool is fully dressed in COMBAT GEAR! How’s he gonna jump in and save anyone with all that Kevlar on? He’d sink right to the bottom. Better than getting IED’d but its STILL the Suck.


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