Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fair-y Tales

Here at PTB, we’re always lookin’ for a cheap date. C’mon…living in Mom & Dad’s basement and blogging isn’t the quickest way to fame and fortune. But this week we got lucky.

Now, we know what yer all sayin’, “State fairs are for old people, carnies and farmers.” You couldn’t be more wrong. The Nevada State fair is a perfect place to take a date…especially if you’re in the financial toilet like we are. Check it…

Every year the NSF has cooking contests. Salsa, spaghetti sauce, cake, pie and cookie recipes are all vying for the blue ribbon. So, whadda you think they do with the stuff after the judges take their bites? They let the crowd come up and sample the stuff. That’s right…free food.

Here’s what we do. We bring our dates to the cooking contest and drop lines like, “The frosting compliments this cake’s texture.” Or, “The cilantro in this salsa is a tad over-used.” By the time we get finished, the girls think we’re the brother from Hell’s Kitchen. They’re totally impressed and all for zero cash. He shoots, he SCORES!

So, grab your euphemism and head on out to the Nevada State fair this week. It sure beats those fancy French restaurants. The Frogs never could find a way to put a Ferris wheel into a dining room.

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