Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vote or Die

Here at PTB we love us some elections. Any time you can wake up and head out to the polls to vote, is a great day. Alas…we might be the only people in the 775 that actually show up at the polls today. Here is a scary stat…

There are 1.1 million registered voters in Nevada. Officials expect a 15% turnout today. That means 165,000 voters will decide the future of 2.5 million people. SHEESH! WTF is up with that?

In Russia, Election Day is a holiday. Its one big politics orgy and 99% of the people…not 99% of registered voters…but 99% of all eligible voters cast ballots. And the USofA can only manage 15%. We’re number one? Hardly.

We’ve got no use for those of you out there that don’t vote. The world is goin’ straight down the shitter and you can’t even cast your ballot? Losers. You deserve the slow, painful, lingering death that will befall you.

G.C. got it right…As long as Americans have their Hummers and their satellite televisions and cell phones that make pancakes, they won’t do a damn thing about anything. Self-centered, un-motivated, under-educated, lazy citizens. Sad but true. As for us...we're gonna head out to the polls, vote, then hang around macking on the ladies and checkin' the badonkadonks.

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