Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ace of Base(ball)

Well, they picked the name for the 775’s AAA Baseball team. Wait for it…wait for it… ladies and gentlemen, meet your new Reno Aces. Reno Aces? That’s about as original as a remake of Batman.

Family friendly? Aces. Smokin' Aces? Ace Holes? Doesn’t anyone remember how easily it was for kids in school to change your name into a horrible nickname?

We thought baseball was anti-gambling. Sheesh! That's the best name they could come up with? Shoeless Joe and Charlie Hustle must be spinning in their graves. BTW...ANYONE who knows the 775 knows that red is the color of the Devil.

And WTF does Aces have to do with the parent club? The fact that Arizona and Aces both start with the letter “A”?

SHEESH! We thought “Bighorns” was a crappy name. It seems like SK Baseball let their GM’s granddaughter name the team. If this is the best name SK Baseball’s marketing department can come up with it’s gonna be a long, lonely, cash-strapped road.


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