Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gluttony or Punishment

The Government-Cheese has spent hundreds of billions of dollars bailing out credit card companies so those companies can give Joe the Plumber credit he doesn’t have to buy more crap that he really doesn’t need. We’ve become a country filled with consumer assholes. Sad, really. But since we’re (allegedly) a “Christian nation”, we’ve gotta ask, “What would JZeus do about Haiti? Those folks sure are in a world of hurt. It makes our financial crisis look petty in comparison.

We always remember what the Son of the Invisible Man in the Sky says about “the least of my children”…something along the lines of whatever you do to them you do to Me. Is there a country in the Western Hemisphere more in need than Haiti? No. And what does the USofA do to help? Nothing. So, we’re trotting out our old standby, hoping PTB readers will step up to the proverbial plate (no pun intended).

By clicking this link, you’ll be directed to “Free” Answer questions on English vocabulary, geography, chemistry, math, even classic art and for every right answer, they’ll donate rice to the United Nations Food Bank. It doesn’t cost anything but some time and a few brain cells, you’ll be doing more for starving people in the world than any bobblehead politician and if you believe, you might even get props from JZeus himself. Reward enough for any true "Christian."


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