Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moral Minority

Our friends on the right keep reminding us how much we rag on Republican politicians. That may be so, but we remind ‘em back that we’re equal opportunity haters here at PTB. That’s why we were psyched to hear about the travails of U.S. Representative Tim Mahoney.

Mahoney, a Florida Democrat, won his seat by promising to “return morals and family values to Washington” after Republican Mark Foley resigned. You remember creepy Mark Foley dontcha? He’s the skeezer that got busted sending lurid text messages to male pages. Icky. Turns out Mahoney is just as icky. Seems he’s been’ boinkin’ a couple of hotties on the side without telling his wife. Uh oh.

Now, we don’t really mind people cheating on their spouses. Heck, in Europe if you don’t cheat, you’re not tryin’. No, what we do mind is the hypocrisy of these two douchebags and the rest of their ilk. Look, if you’re cheating…go for it. Heck, have one on us. But if you ARE cheating, quit with the holier-than-thou crap and the God references and the family values shtick. Because on the outside, you spout fire and brimstone about people putting tab “A” into slot “B”, you get all insulted over Janet Jackson’s niblet and all the while, on the inside, you’re just as pervy as the rest of us. You might not be able to see it…but we can.


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Is it just me or does Charlie remind you of someone we know?