Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here at PTB we’re not necessarily anti-religion – anyone who wants to believe in an Invisible Man in the Sky…more power to you. After all, that’s what America is about…we can believe in anything we want and the Government-Cheese (for the most part) has to STFU. No, what gets our Underoos in a bunch is the hypocrisy and the overall BSC things people do in the name of religion…just ask Leo DaVinci.

A couple of days back, Saudi Arabian cleric Sheik Muhammad Munajid was pissed. He was so mad, in fact, that he issued a fatwa. We never could understand how men of God could give out death sentences like they were hors d’oeuvre samplers at WalMart but we digress…

Munajid asked his followers to kill what he described as “one of Satan’s soldiers.” Cool…we always wondered who Beelzebub’s Rambo was…for a time we just figured it was George W. Bush. Alas, we were wrong. But who could be the big bad bringer of evil and what could he have done to get an invitation to take a dirt nap? Munajid issued his fatwa against…wait for it…wait for it…

Mickey Mouse. SHEESH!

According to the Sheik, everything Mickey touches becomes impure. He went on to say that under Sharia law, “Both household mice and their cartoon counterparts must be killed.” Now, we understand needing to control rodents in and around the house. No one wants to wake up with the Hantavirus. But you don’t need a fatwa for that…just buy a cat. But Mickey Mouse? The only thing less dangerous than Mickey is the Russian Army. Sure, that squeaky voice is enough to drive anyone crazy and those red pants are WAY gay but to issue a fatwa? Puh-leeze. Yo Sheik…grab a clue. If you don’t like Mickey Mouse, don’t send your minions on a suicide mission…just grab the remote and turn off the fuckin’ T.V. That’ll make things easy on all of us. Especially Minnie.


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