Monday, November 17, 2008

Chips Ahoy!

Here at PTB, we never did buy into Chimp-Dick’s “War on Global Extremism.” There are extremists everywhere. Just ask the VPILF’s hubby. But GWB went on ahead anyway and in the process, he broke the friggin’ Army! Nice job Bush-Wipe. The problem we have is that the current administration wouldn’t know a terrorist if one bit ‘em on the ass. Here’s a perfect example:

Pirates off the Horn of Africa are seizing ships, sailors and cargo at an alarming rate. So much so that the waters off the coast of Somalia are more dangerous than the streets of Baghdad. If that’s not extremist terrorism…what is? And what is the USo’A doin’ about it? Nothing.

So, while the Army and the National Guard continue to play security guard down in the Suck, the Navy is doin’ bupkis. Who’s takin’ the lead in finding these terrorists? Russia and Great Britain. Aye Caramba!

Look, these guys are terrorists as much as anyone flying airplanes into buildings and we should do something about it. We should send a couple of ships into the waters off Somalia and rub a butt on these rat-bastards. After all, they’re terrorists and we’re in a war on terrorism. Isn’t that right Mr. Bush?


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