Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bowling for Dollars

With the continuing effort to get us all fired up about Wolf Pack football, here's what we get:

A bowl game in the exciting metropolis of friggin' Boise, Idaho. Aren't bowl games supposed to be a reward? Maybe that's how it works...the crappier your team, the crappier your bowl game is.

Nothing like celebrating the love of humanity than with a violent sport consisting of people knocking the beJZeus out of each other.

We should be playing teams like Maryland in non-conference. Instead, we got Grambling’s band.

We’ll never make the step to the next level playing in crappy bowls against nobody’s cousin…and getting beat.


1 comment:

mason9466 said...

Chris Ault should retire. His play calling is horrendous. With a player as talented as Kaepernick, we should have given Boise a run for the WAC this year. He's worse than Chris Tormey- the man he fired several years ago.
The other problem is that there are way too many Bowls. There are teams rated even lower than UNR that are in Bowls. I can't believe that they sell enough advertising to fund them all.