Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rag Arm

Normally we don’t go back-to-back with subjects here at PTB. But the Iraqi shoe dude was even funnier than when Chimp-Dick almost died from an attack by snack food. It was so friggin’ hilarious it got us to thinkin’…

The dumbass missed twice at close range. Now the Red Sox want to sign him to counter all the money the Yankees gave pitchers C.C. Sabathia and AJ Burnett.

No wonder Bush hates the media…Helen Thomas woulda KILLED him with one of her shoes! Good thing Bob Lanier wasn’t in the crowd.

Think about it…shoe-dude, in his whole life, was probably picked last for dodgeball every time. GWB, on the other hand played a lot of dodgeball during and after college. It was either dodgeball or Vietnam. Now you know.

Betcha we could pay off the national debt, bail out the banking, the insurance and the auto industry if we offer everyone in the USo’A the opportunity to throw their shoe at pResident Bush for a dollar. We’d pay a couple of bucks to toss our Chuck Taylors.

We noticed the shoe dude was wearing the latest Nike Air Amman, Jordans.

A Muslim's worst insult to a person is to show the bottom of his/her shoes/feet…Worst insult to an Irishman? Running outta beers then takin’ away the friggin’ keys!

Ever wonder how things would be different today if Lee Harvey Oswald woulda used a shoe?


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Anonymous said...

I hope you tell us you are not an American. Regardless of your liberal point of view, GWB is our Commander in Chief just as BHO will be come January 20th. By the way, if you are an American (and I pray you are not) were you not the least bit outraged the shoe hit our flag??? Give me back the days when we had real men and women in this country who stood tall and proud for America! You, unfortunately, will never be able to fill their shoes.