Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoe Fly

In the Islamic world there's no bigger insult than someone hitting you with a shoe. It's their version of flipping someone the bird. Remember what the Iraqis did to Saddam Hussein's statue? YIKES! Over the weekend an Iraqi journalist tossed not one, but two shoes at pResident Bush. Guess he was thanking Chimp-Dick for all we've done for his country. Just think of it...if that brown-skinded brother had any taste in footwear, G-Dub woulda been JFK'd by a red Prada stiletto. They could call 'em "Go Fuck Yourself" Pumps. Hell of a way to go.


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Anonymous said...

If you are an American, God help us all. Your comments here are disgusting and disrespectful not to mention deeply unpatriotic. What do you think would be happening to the shoe thrower today had he thrown his shoe at Saddam Hussein? He would be dead for sure. But instead, because of the many brave and courageous Americans who have brought Democracy to Iraq, he is going through the legal, due process system which the American's have provided. You are a disgusting idiot. Grow up already!