Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ain't Myth-Behavin'

Nevada is losing a good one this time. State Archivist Guy Rocha is calling it quits after 28 years on the job. Guy was known ‘round these parts as “Nevada’s mythbuster.” The brotherhubbard consistently debunks legends and old stories and even history lessons that pop up about the Silver State. The dude truly knows his stuff. But now that Guy’s career is takin’ a dirt nap, we’re steppin’ in and takin’ over as Nevada’s NEW “mythbusters.” We start today.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Nevada and Famous Nevadans

10. The only all-male brothel in Nevada history closed in 1962 because customers kept asking for their money back.

9. “Nevada” isn’t Spanish for “snow-covered,” snow-covered is English for “Nevada.”

8. Nevada’s state fossil is the Ichthyosaur. Second place in the voting? State Senator Bill Raggio.

7. Originally, Nevada was to be named “South Idaho.”

6. Reno Mayor Bob Cashell was the inspiration behind the Star Wars character “Yoda.”

5. The greatest sports hero to come out of Nevada is table tennis legend Randy Daytona.

4. University of Nevada athletic teams are called the Wolf Pack. In the 1920’s, they were known as the Pooters.

3. On a clear day, you can see Russia from the top of the Reno Arch.

2. Nevada was admitted to the Union because Abraham Lincoln lost a Super Bowl bet.

1. Guy Rocha invented the roach clip, the roach motel and Family Guy.


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