Thursday, February 26, 2009

Equal Opportunity Offender











While y’all might not like what the aforementioned words stand for, there’s no doubt…here in the USo’A, the Constitution bestows upon us the inalienable right to be as offensive as we want to be. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Don’t watch it. Don’t listen to it. Or better yet, move to Saudi Arabia where they execute people for that kind of stuff.

Last week some douchebag from a newspaper in the NYC published a cartoon similar to the one at the top of this posting. Holy cow! The outrage spewed out myriad pie holes faster than Ussein Bolt covering 100 meters. People wanted heads to roll, they wanted revenge, they wanted blood. Sorry guys. While we think the cartoon was a bit much…we disagree with pulling it or making the artist issue an apology. Why?

It’s simple…as soon we start censoring things that offend a certain segment of the population, where would it end?

Remember when Blacks and Whites getting married offended everyone below the Mason-Dixon line?

Remember when Elvis and the Beatles offended everyone over 30?

Remember when South Park did shows on Scientology, the LDS Church and JZeus all the while offending anyone with the faith of a mustard seed?

The crux of today’s biscuit is simple…Sticks and stones may break your bones but words, music, movies, video games, comics and cartoons will NEVER hurt you. Like Xander Cage said in XXX, “Come on, Dick... It's only education we got.”


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cchaney said...

Same way I feel about folks like Rush Limbaugh. Don't like what he has to say? Change the channel. He's a pompous, prescription pill-addicted windbag, but he has the right to come off as a goddam fool if he wants.