Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Damn, that was one rockin’ speech last night. Problem is, just like every other SotU Addy, we had to go and play a drinking game during the speech. Last night was a Tequila shot every time the Republicans stood up to cheer and a beer chaser every time the Democrats stood up to cheer. Aye Caramba! It’s gonna take a couple of days for that game to wear off. So, surrounded by empty Cuervo bottles and myriad crushed beer cans…a couple of quick thoughts on the ‘Bamer’s first-ever SotU Addy…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is our new hero. Last night as BOb was making his way to the podium, he stopped and chatted with the SCOTUS Justice. WTF is so special ‘bout that? Less than a month after having friggin’ cancer surgery, Babe Ruth was back at work and in attendance at this historic event. Given that after 9/11, George “Nookuler” Bush spent one out of every three days on vacation (keeping the country safe we assume) it’s nice to see a public figure be so hardcore. How hardcore you ask? RGB hasn’t missed a day in court since her surgery…her FRIGGIN' PANCREATIC CANCER FRIGGIN’ SURGERY!!! Ruth Bader Ginsburg – she is one bad-assed motherhubbard.

Here at PTB we’re not much into style. When you live in and blog from the ‘rents’ basement, there’s really no need. But WTF was up with Nancy Pelosi’s dress last night? SHEESH! Did you see that hideous green monstrosity? The friggin’ thing looked like it was made out of the drapes from a 1970’s strip club. Seriously, that color of green is only found on the bathroom floor of a fraternity, floating on the top of a fetid pond or in the Depends of an incontinent old rat-bastard. Simply. Putrid.

One of the high points of the speech was when Barry-O said that the economic crisis is an opportunity for America. You know, in China the word for crisis is the same as the word for opportunity…Crisitunity.

And finally, there was Bobby Jindal. The Reflublicans trotted out the Louisiana Governor ‘cause he’s relatively young and untainted by anything the Bush-Wipes did. It also helped that he’s a brown-skinded brotherhubbard. Problem is…he sucked! Governor LaLa can’t read a TelePrompter for shit, his inflection was non-existent and his pacing was atrocious. Combine all that with the same tired, old, boogity-boogity, right wing, nut job rhetoric and you’ve got comedy of the highest order Now the Tighty-Righties still have Rummy, and Scooter, and Karl Rove and Dr. Evil but it’s gonna take one big-assed shovel to get the shit to shoe-level…here’s hoping they won’t need a TelePrompter. Or better yet, they could always enlist the help of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That woman has Huevos Rancheros!


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cchaney said...

Yeah, Justice Ginsburg is a brave woman. Re: Bobby Jindal -- I have heard he is wildly popular in Louisiana. Can't figure that out.