Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thought Burbles

Senator John Ensign cracked his lie-hole yesterday defending Jay Bybee. Y’all know Bybee? He’s the Bush-Wipe lawyer that wrote the memo saying, among other things, that waterboarding isn’t torture. YIKES! Senator Ensign is a veterinarian by trade so he should know bullshit when he sees it. Apparently not. Let’s try something Senator…next time you’re here in the 775, stop on by the basement and we’ll try a little “enhanced interrogation” on you. Bet you change your mind. Heck-fire…while you’re here, we’ll show you how “teabagging” really works.

The City of Reno is paying a California company 30G’s to find the new city manager. We ask this question on a regular basis: Isn’t there a company here in the 775 that could do the job? The problem with hiring a Cali for the gig is that they’ll get someone in here that doesn’t know the difference between Mill Street and Mills Lane. It’s sad to see what little regard bourgie motherhubbards have toward the citizens of the 775.

Athletes at the University of Nevada are racking up some pretty impressive stats. No, not the kind you get playing sports…the kind you get when you run afoul of John Law. The Wolf Pack wants so badly to compete with the big boys on the field. While that’s never gonna happen, at least they can compete with the big boys when it comes to athletes spendin’ time at the Gray Bar Motel.

And finally…officials in the Rail City announced the new stores coming to the Legends at Sparks Marina. There are a couple of shoe stores, more than a couple of restaurants and a few other miscellaneous strip mall-type stores. The quote is that LaSM will create 700 jobs. Forgive us for not applauding. We know times are tough but do we really need another 700 people making minimum wage? This is the economic benefit we were promised? The only people to benefit from this type of urban sprawl are developers and crooked politicians. "We need more "Special Sauce"...Quick, put the mayonnaise in the sun!"


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