Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tortured Logic

Write it in stone…You can’t call yourself a Christian if you believe in torture. Period. In a story out today, evangelicals say they’re fighting their conscience about waterboarding prisoners. I know what you’re saying, “Evangelicals have a conscience?”

The spiel coming out of the lie-holes of right wing nut jobs is that a terrorist could have information of an imminent attack on America. They figure, if that’s the case, then torture the bastard to get the pertinent information. It’s called the “Jack Bauer-24” scenario. We have just one tiny problem with that…

FULL DISCLOSURE: Every time you watch “24” on FOX, we here at PTB make one million dollars!

The problem is that “24” is a goddamned television show! It has as much to do with real-life terrorism and interrogation as Reno-911 has to do with the Reno Police Department. Wait, bad example. Put it to you this way: fictionalized scenarios for television dramas have little or nothing to do with how those things would turn out in real life. It’s fiction. But the tighty-righties would have you believe that some fake-assed T.V. show is the real deal. Poppycock.

Fact: Torture doesn’t work.

Fact: Torture is a crime.

Fact: Americans torturing Muslims is a recruitment tool for al Qaeda.

So, if you consider yourself a Christian, you can't condone torture – you must condemn torture. Remember, you were taught to “turn the other cheek.” ‘Cause I’m pretty sure when JZeus said, “My cup runneth over.” He wasn’t talking about waterboarding.



David Allen said...

Fact: You asserting a point does not make it a fact

Fact: Waterboarding does work for gaining intelligence information.

Fact: Waterboarding isn't torture. It is done to prepare our own pilots and special ops to better resist giving information to the enemy if captured... HOWEVER - they know for fact that it's only a matter of time before someone is broken and will speak.
How do I know this?? I have a friend who served in Vietnam as a special ops guy. He talked about his experince being waterboarded.

Fact: We are at war. Crazed Muslims flew a few airplanes into our buildings. We did not start it - but we damn well better demonstrate that we'll at least go out and kick someone's ass after being attacked or forever be labled as prison bitches.

pj Connolly said...

Allright dave...I'll give you number one.

Number two: Read Here...

And Here...,_Evasion,_Resistance_and_Escape

Fact Three:Chicken-shit right-wing nut cases may say we're at war. But we're not. Thje war on terrorism is as useless as the war on illiteracy or the war on drugs or the war on teen pregnancy. You CANNOT go to war against an IDEA!

BTW...if the Bush-wipes (and now that pussy Obama) wanted to get the bad guys who did 9/11, they'd start with Saudi Arabia and Egypt (where the hijackers came from)and then blame Ronald Reagan for arming the Taliban to fight the Russians. C'mon already knew that, didn't you?