Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why We Freak

Studies have found that combat veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide as people in the general population. Can you see where this is goin’? Nine percent of all unemployment in the United States is attributed to combat exposure, as is 8 percent of all divorce or separation and 21 percent of all spousal or partner abuse. Aye Caramba! So why are people surprised when a soldier, either stationed abroad or right here at home, goes BSC and starts poppin’ caps into people? Y’all shouldn’t be. We weren’t. Here’s the crux of today’s biscuit:

Most of the brothers and sisters serving in Iraq and Afghanistan belong to the National Guard. Remember the National Guard? “One weekend a month and two weeks a year.” Not. Anymore. Thanks to Chimp-Dick’s two unwinnable and immoral wars, Guardsmen (and women) from all over the USo’A are getting stop-lossed into three, four or five tours of duty. Stayin’ that long in the Suck would make anyone crazy! And all they get to do is army versions of C.W. McCall and Paul Blart -- escorting convoys to and fro and being security guards.

Yup…pResident Bush started this fuckin’ mess and it looks like the ‘Bamer isn’t gonna stop it anytime soon. Every day civilians and soldiers die needlessly. Every day young American men and women are being driven to the edge by this fucked up bullshit. Does the Government-Cheese care? They say they do during the campaign season but as soon as they take office, they forget. We shouldn’t be surprised.


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