Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hypocritical Mass

Last week the SCOTUS ruled that inmates don’t have the constitutional right to get a DNA test that might prove their innocence in a crime if the inmate has already been convicted of that crime. Remember when the USo’A would free a hundred guilty rat-bastards rather than imprison one innocent person? We do. And damn, it seems like it was a long time ago.

A watchdog group out of D.C. called, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, wants the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the actions of Senator John “Able-Semen” Ensign. Problem: Johnny Wad isn’t taking responsibility for his actions and, through those actions, we found out he doesn’t have any ethics either. Don’t worry guys; the election is right around the corner. Ensign is gonna get fusticated.

The lawyer for Bernie Madoff (With the Money) says his client is remorseful and that twelve years in the hoosegow is adequate punishment for the biggest fraud in American history. Donte Stallworth of the Cleveland Browns was driving drunk and killed a pedestrian. His sentence? Thirty days. Ever feel like the cute and fuzzy bunnies get all the breaks? Believe this…if it woulda been you or me, they’d have run us off to Gitmo.

And finally, speakin’ ‘bout Gitmo…the other day, republicans in Congress introduced a resolution that stated, in part,

Congress expresses its support for all Iranian citizens who struggle for freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and the protection of the rule of law... [and] affirms the universality of individual rights…”

This is what’s so BSC about the tighty-righties. They’ll piss and moan and wail and rend garments over Iranian protests but when it comes to giving human rights, civil liberties, individual rights and the protection of the rule of law to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, they stick their collective heads back up their collective asses and hide. Republican hypocrisy. Alive and well.


Z said...

Here we go:

No matter where they are, prisoners should not have any rights once they are convicted(of course the DNA thing is a bit f'd up, but chances are most are scum anyways). Amongst other things, these scumbags get free room and board, legal representation, education and health care while their victims probably struggle every day to survive. They or their families should pay for all these free services or they should be working on a chain-gang to pay their own way, but I guess paying your own way is cruel and unusual punishment.
As far as death row, you get one year for your appeals, then a nice public execution is ready and waiting (the muslims have it right with that eye for an eye thing).

Regardless of party, we all know there are no ethics in D.C., this make the Senate Ethics Committee the biggest oxymoron on the planet.
And, at least the self-acclaimed religious and upstanding family type republicans aren't giving blow-jobs in public bathrooms or living with a gay kid who's running a fag prostitution ring out their house.

Be it a CEO or a sports pro, if they fuck up they should pay back at least double of what they took; and why isn't Madoff's wife and brothers in jail? Yeah sure they didn't have a clue what was going on! Everyone who made a buck with this guy should loose everything they made while with him.

PRISONERS, covers Gitmo, see above.

pj said...

PRISONERS: "chances are most are scum anyways..."

Would you take that chance if it were you? What if you were a black man charged with a crime in Mississippi? YIKES!

POLITICIANS: You have ethics...I have ethics...why can't the $200,000 a year politicians have ethics?

PROFESSIONALS: White collar criminals get slaps on the wrist. Unless you're an athlete...I'M TALKIN' TO YOU DONTE STALLWORTH!!!!!!!!!