Monday, August 24, 2009

Cracker-Assed Crackers

Last week some chucklenut offed his supermodel wife, chopped her up in pieces and tossed her in a dumpster. Pretty sick stuff. The story was smeared all over the news like peanut butter on a three-year-old. But do you ever notice when these things come up, it's always pretty white women that are the victims? You never see the news run a story on a minority woman being killed, or raped, or kidnapped.
They keep saying America is the greatest country in the world. They tell us about the virtue of our melting pot society. It's all hogwash. The USo'A is run (and occupied) by a bunch of xenophobic, huckleberry, bass-ackward, racists. Don't believe me...the stories on the news prove it every single time. Aye caramba!


David Allen said...

There's a word for those who would judge other people on the basis of their skin color. Thank you PJ for pointing out who the REAL racists are... So once again you're talking out of your ass about things you don't know about, parroting the views of America hating leftists and revealing your bigotry of whites in America.

So what are you trying to say? You're hoping for more minority women to be raped and murdered? Is there supposed to be an affirmative action quota for rapes and murders now??

The main problem PJ, is that you watch WAAAAAY too much news.. So much so that you actually believe that shit to be reality. Having the most free press in the world means that nobody's dirty laundry escapes view. The constant drip of coverage makes appear that it's always happening everywhere - in your neighborhood, but reality says otherwise. The Polly Klaas abduction/murder was a good example of this. A cute girl gets abducted out of her home - everyone immediately switches to panic mode. While it's good to be protective of your kids, the actual odds of it happening are pretty damn high. Our 24 hour news cycle means anything and everything can make the headlines, when similar events in other countries are buried on the back pages or never reported.

You have such a poor opinion of this country - but I have to ask how much of America have you actually seen? How many countries have you visited and how much do you really know about what REALLY goes on outside the USA? How much time to you actually spend outside of Nevada?? I don't see much in the way of racism here in California. Does racism exist in the USA - yes it does. Do we have ethnic cleansing here like they did in Serbia or Darfur?? Do we stone rape VICTIMS to death in this country? Are there Sunnis or Shiites battling it out in our country...we don't even have problems with Israelis and Palestinians fighting here. You whine that there were 3 terror suspects that were subjected to waterbording and say we had no moral authority to invade Iraq… yet you say nothing of the thousands raped and murdered by Sadaam, his two asshole sons, and his regime. The truth is that the real racism and real atrocities happen outside the USA in 3rd world dictatorships throughout the world. We were amongst the first countries to outlaw slavery, amongst the leaders in granting civil rights to minorities (despite Democrat opposition to it), and we just elected a black to be POTUS even though he had no qualifications or experience for the job. You want to see real xenophobes try paying a visit to places like China or Korea. Not a whole lot of racial mixing going on there. Spare us the lectures on Racism. Our country may not be perfect, but we go out of our way to accommodate others in our society. If TV news stories are your proof of racism, I suggest you get a few new sources – or at least pull your head out of your ass and travel a bit. It’ll give you a whole new appreciation for what we have here.

pj said...

"The main problem PJ, is that you watch WAAAAAY too much news."

You're right Dave. maybe I should stop watching news and start watching something other than news...Like Bill O'Reilley or Glenn Beck.

"Our 24 hour news cycle means anything and everything can make the headlines..."

Again Dave, you're right. Headline today? Michael Fucking Jackson's death. Any word on Beau Bergdahl? Nothing.

David Allen said...

Watching once a day would probably be good. Being to be able to watch/read the news and to tell the difference between fact and opinion or unbiased vs. manipulation would be better. You're complaining about what's being covered?? changed it. Last I saw your job title said producer... The guys who decide about what get's covered and what get's dropped...

But best would be to minimize the imprinting of others by going out and experiencing the real world for yourself. Americans are the kindest and most generous people in the world. Nobody gives like we do, and I'm not talking about what the government doles out. The same good hearted Americans who are slammed by the truly narrow minded as xenophobic, huckleberry, bass-ackward, racists are the ones who donate food, clothing money and whatever else is needed to help victims all over the world. They're not rich - but they give what they can and then some. They're the same great people who volunteer their service and sometimes give their lives to help save those around the world from the likes of Hitler, or Sadaam. They don't give a crap about the color of the skin of the guys they're fighting along side of, or even who they're fighting with. They do it because it's a job that needs to be done because bullies like Sadaam or Kim Jong Il need to be taken down. Something is very wrong when guys like you cannot seem to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. We're not a perfect country - but we're the best the world has.

pj said...

"We're not a perfect country - but we're the best the world has."

And in believing that Dave, you show me that you'll settle for anything.

David Allen said...

HA! now there's a laugher.. I'll settle for anything?
This from the guy who never had the courage to leave the 120th ranked market for the bigger challenge? (oh – you’re up to 108 now- big whoop) I have never settled. I worked at KCRA (#1 station in the #19 market), and when I had mastered everything there, I had an offer at KTVU (#5 Market) - which I passed on to work in IT. where I have continuously kicked ass and more than tripled my pay from KCRA which had tripled my pay from KCRL/KRNV. I'm engaged to a smokin' hottie... What have you done with your career? or with your life? Don't talk to me about settling.

Greatness isn't something that's handed to you, it's something you work for. That Government granted utopia inside your head doesn't exist. It will never exist so get over it and deal with the real world. Life will improve when people stop blaming others for their problems; stop looking for other people to solve their problems and get off their asses and doing something productive with their lives. This is the greatest country that has ever existed. You can cry all you want how you think we've failed - or how you think we're racist bastards - but you're full of shit. This is the country people flee to, not from - and with good reason.

Z said...

My take on PJ's original post is what kind of shit is the political puppet American media (to include TV, movies, music, games, etc) trying to turn our country into? we all worked at Current a 4, and both of you know perfectly well that there is no such thing as real investigative journalism any more.

Hell yes America is full of and run by racists (to include our President), but so is every other nation on the planet!
While there are many good people in our country, very few are able to make it in a postion of power, let alone remain there and make a difference due to the self serving greed that is always there.

America is the greatest nation, but also the most vain and uncaring....the only reason a majority of US charity is given to these other needy nations is for the tax write-off and some momentary sense of self-worth or bragging rights at the country club.

The only people who care about our combat troops is their friends & family; just watch the 'great nation" politicians who go to the war zone, you will notice they only go when it nears election time.

Racist media in America...heard this one?

This is actually sick shit, what happened to the supermodel and Mr. reality show is pure hollywood;

there's a case in Florida that is currently in the courts (happened a couple years ago); a little kid (girl I believe) tells this Haitian woman she has 2 flat tires on her car, she goes out with her 12 year old son to check and finds no problem, next thing she knows she is being raped and beat by about 10 guys (about 6 remain free still) who are laughing and having a good time beating the 12 year old as well, then when they get bored, they force her to go down on her son (helluva intermission), in the mean time they spray a flamable liquid on them, but for some reason have no lighter, otherwise this scum would never be getting a trial in a so called "great nation's" court of law.
The point here is, you probably haven't heard this and neither has most of America; haitian immigrant tortured & gang raped vs. hacked up supermodel, Mr. editor what do you think sells more papers?
Now I'm only guessing the perpetrators are a minority, but this horrible shit probably happens more than we know everywhere in our "greatest nation", but all we hear about on the main stream media is about the beautiful, rich and famous getting DUi's or beating their spouse.

In summary, I do not see PJ spouting hatred towards the USA, but pointing out how f#%@ed up our guidance is and how stupid the actor/athlete idolizing public is.
While this sounds like i'm siding with PJ, and I am kind of, his final adjectives are way off-base. Instead of xenophobe and racist, it should be elitist and power-crazy and in no way are the people in power hillbillies, they're quite savy and manipulative; if the media makes it look like everyone is well-off and beautiful then all the ignorant, poor & ugly people (PJ you almost make this list) will go so far in debt to mimic the lies they see on TV, the savy manipulators will just laugh all the way to the bank.

I do believe we are a great, great nation, i've been around the world and prefering the backroads and slums to the tourist spots I have seen some serious shit; but our politicians and media (including Rush and Glenn)scare the living shit out of me!

pj said...

Well said Czar-man. Fuckin'-A-HUZZAH!

David Allen said...

Can't say I would agree with you there Ron - except for the part that racism is everywhere on the planet. Obviously, I am no fan of the mainstream media and their daily commitment to journalistic malpractice, but if the criticism was to be leveled at the news coverage for the story selection of a supermodel's murder over a Jane Doe - you're just wrong. (and PJ too) While the brutal rape and murder of a Jane Doe in Florida is no less tragic on a human level than a Supermodel, the news of that event is relevant to less people. Yes, it's good that the story is reported, so the facts are known... which may prove useful if you happen to be a woman travelling alone throughout bad portions of Florida. If your business is selling papers or TV Commercial time - the more relevant stories are going to be given more time. Obviously there's tremendous room for improvement in prioritizing these stories, but calling the selection racist is just factually wrong. The selection has nothing to do with race - it's about relevance.

While you can point to instances of ugliness in our country, it's nowhere near as prevalent here. Justice in our Courts is not perfect but for the most part - laws ARE enforced here. Criminals are given the benefit of the doubt, and sadly they sometimes get away with it.

I would VERY much disagree with your take on kindness and charity in this country. When disaster strikes in other countries people from all over the US give all they can - and not for a write off, but because it's the right thing to do. It is a fact that we as a nation AND as individuals do more to help the people of the world than any other.
Dick Morris wrote this in 2005

Granted - some of our generosity has some self-interest involved. Everyone acts in their own self interest. Unlike the true thugocracies which dominate the world's political makeup, the US largely operates on the establishment of win-win relationships. What helps them is good business for us - and there's nothing wrong or shameful with that. You can point to specific acts which can taint your picture to any way you want - but when the Shit hits the fan - it's the USA who's there doing the heavy lifting.

David Allen said...

While you may not agree with Rush or Glenn - your fear of them is misplaced. Neither of them has the power to raise your taxes, turn off your internet, read your email, take away your guns, deny your medical coverage, deny your right to free speech, send you off to war, or to imprison you because you don't agree with them.

Z said...

Yes I did say "racist media" and was wrong about that; I meant to say the biased and alleged racist media.
I'm sure we all agree (even PJ) that today's media is only a new form of ring leader to a circus act that is out to entertain and make a buck on ignorant Americans with their corporate, hollywood sensationalism.
Just another reason I do not have a television in my house.
While all forms of violent crime is typically tragic, it appears Americans are even more stupid and shallow than I originally thought, if they think the savage assault and rape of a common person (who has a name and is still alive), and who's perpetrators are still walking the streets, is less relevant than a supermodel murder. Just put yourself in each situation and figure out which one would most likely happen to you....I can honestly say I've never even seen a real supermodel, but being a common person, I have seen plenty of human scum.
And, The pack of filth that doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone is mostly still wandering the streets, have been for a couple years and they could be anywhere, not just in a bad Florida neighborhood.

As far as ugliness in our country not being as prevelent as other countries, our size and open space compared to other countries makes the trouble look smaller than it actually is. Give our ugliness a couple thousand years to catch-up with the older foreign uglies and we'll see what the crips, bloods, M-12's(?), nazi's, JDL's, etc. can come up with. And while justice in our courts is far from perfect (i kind of like capital punishment and caning sounds like a great idea), I wouldn't say other countries do not enforce their laws because most of them do, even though some of their laws are insane; just ask the Muslim chick in Malaysia who drank a beer.

Ahh the charity thing, lets just use your Dick Morris article for the facts.

By the way isn't Dick Morris some kind of radical racist hater?

Americans give all they can when dister strikes in other countries;
a few items here.

1 - per DM, 75% of the worlds wealth is in America, so when making comparisons, where else is the personal charity going to come from?
2 - per DM, on avg. $800 per person a year is donated...hmmm, whats the annual income tax maximum personal write-off?
3 - Ok, I agree there are some people who donate out of the kindness of their hearts, but I doubt it is as many as you think. Per DM $240 billion in personal donations with 60% being from religions - I believe most religious people think they must give a tithe, typically 10%, or not really out of the kindness of the heart but a religious belief.
4 - Why do we have elderly people in our own country who eat dog food to survive, or homeless eating out of dumpsters if at all; just asking?

"the US largely operates on the establishment of win-win relationships. What helps them is good business for us"

You are exactly correct here; PER DM, our trade deficit is $500 billion and that helps create Chinese and other third world jobs;
OK, now I do not agree with the part about this not being wrong or shameful, read on; isn't this huge trade deficit because of corporate greed by way of out-sourcing most of US manufacturing jobs and not a concern for poor people in other countries?

Per DM, we can afford to widen our trade deficit - at what cost, being poisoned by unregulated toxic Chinese products that are at times made by slave labor? Or by allowing rickety, unsafe Mexican trucks freely drive through the heart of America?

Personally, I refuse to buy veggies from non-American farms; we have our own problems with salmonila here at home; just imagine what we are getting from Mexican and Chilean farms that use human sewage for fertilizer, mmmmm Tasty!

Z said...

I didn't say I disagreed with them;
Rush is a Republican homer who can only bad-mouth everyone who doesn't agree with him, and I do not listen to him because I think he's an asshole and I would like to stick him up Laura Ingrams ass.

I do listen to Glenn occasionaly, he at times has pertinent news and information that the MSM will never tell us. But he is annoying also.

The reason I fear them is because there are too many people who cannot think on their own to make an educated decision and it is these people that listen to them, they take everything they say as the gospel. Kind of just like the opposite of the Obama Zombies.

If there, all the sudden, were no democrat or republican parties, only an individuals reputation to base a vote on, the majority of the population would wander around in circles, stand in moving traffic, or walk off cliffs like lemings. Pretty pathetic if you ask me!

David Allen said...

I’m still trying to find something resembling a coherent argument amongst your two posts, Z. You say America is the greatest nation, but we’re vain, uncaring and only give because of the tax write offs – yet it’s well established that when shit happens in the world – it’s the USA that responds with aid. You say nobody cares about our combat troops but their friends and families – yet many organizations, including from one of our local radio station routinely have drives to send care packages to the troops. These aren’t just friends and family. You claim the media is racist, then allegedly racist – and the only proof you site is that a supermodel’s death has gotten better coverage because her name and her killer are semi-celebrities. Of course the death of someone with better name recognition would get better coverage than a Jane Doe who was gang raped by immigrants. For starters – Murder always get better coverage than rapes. Many rapes go unprosecuted because the women don’t want to have to endure the questioning involved in a trial. Second, people are going to have more interest in a case where they have some sort of clue who the person is – even if they don’t know them personally… It has nothing to do with being racist or shallow. Case in point. Many people die from heart attacks every year… When Billy Mays (Pitch man for OxiClean) died from one this year it was news. It doesn’t mean that people are shallow and worshiped Billy Mays – it just means they knew who he was. His death IS more noteworthy than some other guy who dies of a heart attack, because more people knew OF him. In the same way – had I never met you – the score from Syracuse games would have no relevance to my life.

Like it or not – our system of Justice sometimes lets guilty people walk free. It would have been great if the assholes who committed these acts would have been put to death – or at least imprisoned and repeatedly gang raped there… but that same system that works to protect the innocent sometimes lets the guilty go free. If the alleged journalists were doing their job – both stories would get covered – and instead of doing live continuous coverage on Michael Jackson or Ted Kennedy – there would be time to cover news elsewhere.

David Allen said...

No – Dick Morris is not some kind of radical racist hater. (whatever that means). He was one of Bill Clinton’s political advisors. I found his article when looking up US charitable giving. Normally I don’t agree much with DM has to say on things – so when he has something that does back my point I’ll include it.
On your first question – Charitable donations would come from the USA and other G8 nations – but mostly the USA. Why?? Because capitalist nations are the most efficient at managing their resources. People who live in free market capitalist countries, and especially those that allow greater individual freedoms allow people to generate more wealth. The less individual freedoms the less opportunity. This is why we’ve been kicking ass over Europe the past 20 years.
On your second point – Who gives a rip what the maximum annual personal write off for your tax returns? If you make a lot of money – a certain portion of that is going to be confiscated by the government anyway. Why NOT have incentives to give to charities through direct donations? It certainly beats having the government take it and redistribute it – because we all know how efficient THEY are with money. It allows those who donate to feel generous and those who receive it grateful. Charities are far more efficient at helping the needy than the government.
On your 3rd point: - it’s not your place to judge the motivation of those who donate money. Whatever their reasons – they’re doing it. They don’t have to but if it makes them feel good for the tax write off – or to be in a good graces with their god, or because they just don’t know what to do with their money – or old clothes etc. – then it’s a good thing – because they could just throw it away or have the government confiscate it.
On your 4th point: - We have homeless people eating out of dumpsters, and allegedly have old people eating dog food because we don’t guarantee equal outcome – only equal opportunity. They’re out on the streets because the ACLU sued to allow the mentally ill out of institutions.

Free trade helps us to have more choices for food and goods. You can choose to buy American if you want and can afford it. Because of the free markets – it’s not your only option.

It’s pretty obvious you don’t listen to Rush’s show because your comments are completely off base. He doesn’t just sit behind the microphone and just slam the opposition. He speaks FOR a certain ideology. People listen because they agree with that ideology – and don’t hear it elsewhere. They’re not stupid and they DO think for themselves.