Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted's Dead Baby...Ted's Dead

So Teddy-K is takin’ a dirt nap. Ya know…if any of us regular chucklenuts out here woulda got brain cancer like he did, with the healthcare system we’ve got in the USo’A, we’d all be bankrupt now. No such worries for Ted’s fam, though…he got free medical insurance the minute he was elected to office. That’s forty years of free, taxpayer-supported, top-of-the-line socialized medical treatment. Funny, the politicians who spout off about how bad socialized medicine is are the same ones who have the government-cheese pay for everything. Hypocrites.

A list of who’s happiest that TK kicked the bucket:

1. John Ensign’s parents
2. Mark Sanford’s wee wee
3. Michael Jackson’s doctor
4. Michael Vick’s new teammates
5. Jim Gibbons’ Stimulus Czar
6. Anyone related to Mary Jo Kopechne

But you know who suffers most from this 24 hour news cycle of constantly changing stories? Our brave men and women in uniform. It’s bad enough bein’ in the suck that is Iraq and Afghanistan for no good reason other than to get your ass shot off. But those poor bastards are so yesterday’s story that four of ‘em can get IED’ed in one day and it doesn’t even make the news. Oh yeah…and Beau BergdahlGET BACK SOON BEAU! These rat-bastard politicians say they support our troops, now is the time that you see it’s just that…only words.


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David Allen said...

Do your homework, PJ. The benefits that Kennedy and the other assholes get at taxpayer expense is NOT the same thing as socialized medicine which they're trying to ram up our asses. They have the best "Private insurance" money can buy. You would think someone of your age and alledged education that you would at least be able to tell the difference. What Obama is planning is not buying private insurance for poor people - it's a Government owned and operated just like the now bankrupt Medicare, Medicaid and the VA. Real socialized medicine is the same crap care they have in the UK and Canada with loads of rationing and long waits for proceedures. Ted's premium private insurace coverage didn't have some panel deciding whehter or not they should cover his Brain cancer care. Likewise he didn't have to wait on a list for 6 months before he could start treatment - basicially making treatment usueless anyway. I would rather have the CHOICE to be broke but alive than to just be forced to die because the government won't pay for the proceedure.

The people are not stupid, PJ. They know the difference between the health benefits lawmakers get and what they're proposing. No politician will be forced to the Government plan - they'll still have private insurance that won't deny or ration anything. The only thing that will change is that there will be much fewer haves - and everyone else will be the have nots.