Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Mind Wonderings

The Government-Cheese in Taxachusetts is going to appoint a “caretaker” to Teddy K’s Senate seat. It’s only an interim gig but, heck-fire, it’s a Senate seat nonetheless. Sources close to the situation speculate that TK’s widow is gonna get the nod. Aye caramba! Since when does the intimate knowledge of a Senator’s doodle translate to the ability to legislate? If that’s the line of reasoning, wouldn’t the skank ho’s that David Vitter was bangin’ be qualified for office too? SHEESH!

To help out with Kal-ee-for-nee-uh’s budget deficit, the Governator is holding a garage sale. HAW! Serves the motherhubbards right. That’s what y’all get when you elect a juiced-up, drug abusing B-list actor as your Governor. Although, as a Nevadan, I have no room to talk about crappy governors.

Finally, we’ve got to shout out a hearty HUZZAH to Paul Lewis. He’s a British cameraman who was shooting video of a rookie making her first jump when his main parachute failed to open. His reserve only partially opened. And the brotherhubbard SURVIVED the fall. Yee Haw! Yo P-Lew…next time you’re in the 775, look me up, we’ll hit the craps tables. With your luck, we’ll walk away owning the joint. True dat.


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