Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2-4-6-8 Who Does the GOP Love to Hate? AMERICA!

While I don’t normally enjoy seeing the tighty-righties happy, this was a bit more of a pisser than usual. Over the weekend the republicans were celebrating the fact that Chicago lost the 2016 Olympics to Rio. They were high-fiving, back-slapping and dancing in the aisles because of the perception that it was an “Obama failure.” They were actually happy that America lost. Douchebags.

In 2003 when the Bush-Wipe got us into Iraq, I was of the opinion that it was an idiotic move. Still am. But even though I was against the war, I didn’t want America to fail – even though success in the war would mean a success for the WPE. But that’s one difference between the American people and the GOP. Americans love their country. The Republicans are only in it for themselves…no matter who loses. And in the end? We all lose.


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David Allen said...

That's pretty funny. Only one side hates America - and that's the d-bag that's been travelling around the world apologizing for our success. When that same jackass embarrasses himself and our country by making the olympic bid all about him he deserves all the scorn and ridicule he gets. He has demeaned the office of the Presidency along with our country. Even Bush looks stately compared to that jackass. America does not succeed or fail based on whether or not we host the Olympics.. but on our abillity to stay a free and capitalist country. The left has taken glee at anything that could be called a failure from Bush - especially Katrina. They insisted on trying to show every casket - to pin on Bush as a failure. You're arguments are full shit and you know it. It's the same projection you always try - accuse the "evil republicans" of all the same crap the left is actually doing. The Olympic bid was all about Obama. Alleged health care reform is all about Obama - and power and control for the democrats. There is nothing in his plan that will provide choice and competition. Only the free market could do that. There's a reason nobody watches you hacks in the media. You're frauds and you know it.