Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Palin Comparison

There’s a lot of buzz goin’ ‘round about how fast VPILF Sarah Palin wrote her memoirs. C’mon guys…don’t you know that hot air and bullshit flow outta her lie-hole like black gold out of Jed Clampett’s back yard? True dat.

I saw Rep. John Boehner today talkin’ about the Barry-O’s lack of a clear plan in Afghanistan. SHEESH! Yo Bone-Thug…where was you condescending tone and righteous indignation when the Bush-Wipe started this clusterfuck? Oh right. He’s your boy. You want a strategy for Afghanistan? Get the fuck out. It sure would be better than what we have now.

And finally…a couple of weeks back a bunch of Catholic bishops thumbed their noses at the ‘Bamer’s proposed healthcare plan. Since the cadre of Padres is opposed to abortion, they’ve got to weigh that against their concerns about social justice. So they’re against the whole thing. SHEESH! Talk about a one trick pony. Yo Catholic Bishops…you might not support abortion (just like I don’t support y’all pedophilin’ with altar boys) but I’m gonna ask y’all the same question I’ve been askin’ for years. Would JZeus support Universal Healthcare? I’m betting he would.


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David Allen said...

The difference is - Bush actually had a plan, and had Afghanistan under control before he left office. Obama with his 5 minute career in politics doesn't have a clue about what to do there. He is incompitent as commander in cheif but this is going exactly how you fucktards on the left wanted it to be. You cheese eating surrender monkeys keep saying we should have never been in Iraq and should have just dealt with the Taliban. Further - you idiots insist that we "fight" a humanitarian war where we can't do anything with enemy combatants, we can't interrogate anyone, or even call them bad names. This is what happens when you try to fight with kid gloves on.
I'm guessing you'd be about the last person to speak for Jesus on Health Care or anything else. He certainly wouldn't be for abortion, and would rather have tort reform.