Thursday, November 12, 2009

Repeating History


Z said...

I thought it was our Presidents campaign promise (in Iowa I believe)to win in Afghanistan?????

Also, he should take his own Afghanistan advise on health care reform "not rushing in to anything and getting it right"!

David Allen said...

Hey Z. You mean the same way Obama said we shouldn't rush to judgement on Fort Hood Terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan - but how Obama couldn't help but to rush to judgement on the Harvard Police being racist?? We all know PJ and his liberal ilk are cowardly hypocrites. They were the ones saying we should have dedicated all our forces to Afghanistan instead of Iraq. Now that Iraq is under control they don't care about Afghanistan anymore. Now it's unwinable. They'll admonish the "Evil" Christians becuase they're against abortion, but don't have the stones to criticise the Muslims who routinely kill women VICTIMS of rape, stone them to death if their hair happens to show beneath their burka, keep women out of schools and basically beat them any way they please. It's not ok for Christians to be against gay marriage - as marriage throughout history has ALWAYS been between men and women, but never a peep out of liberals against how Muslims treat gays, as Homosexuality is a crime under Islamic law - punishable by Death. You rail against Conservatives in America as being against free speech, While Democrats routinely use political correctness as a means to silence their critics.. and NEVER a word about Muslims killing the Danish cartoonist because he had drawn an "offensive" cartoon depicting muslims. Just know that if Muslims ever did gain control of our country - that the liberals will be first on their list to stone to death. You're a bunch of Cowardly Hypocrites.