Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Political Con inSulting

Nevada, like a lot of states, has had a hard time this year balancing the budget. To help the situation there have been layoffs and furloughs and pay cuts given to state employees. Problem is, the douchebag politicians running the joint didn’t think their pay warranted any cuts. That is, until now. Last week Assemblyman Ed Goedhart, R-Amargosa Valley, cut a check to the NV for $526.65. That represented a six percent pay cut. While y’all might think this is gonna be a feel-good piece about Assemblyman Ed, you’d be wrong.

Several representatives, when asked why they didn’t buck up like the rest of us, said that they don’t make enough money in the first place and that cutting nothing from nothing was stupid. Fair enough. But just how much “nothing” do these government-cheese dicks get? Well, I did the math (hey…no jokes).

It turns out Nevada State Legislators make a flat $8,777 dollars for every 60 day session. Since sessions always run 120 days, they still make $8,777. Now eight grand for four months’ work isn’t very much but when you consider that NV Reps also get a $167 daily per diem for the full 120 days and are reimbursed for travel, lodging and moving expenses, things start to add up. Let’s see…167 x $120 = $20,040. Add in the eight grand and the total swells to $28,817 not including travel, lodging and moving expenses.

So, Nevada Legislators like Senator Barbara Cegavske and Assembly Majority Leader John Oceguera get almost thirty grand for four month’s work, PLUS travel, lodging and moving money AND the prestige of being a big-time politician and they think that 30G’s isn’t a lot of scratch. SHEESH! Listen up douchebags...if you don't like the pay, don't run for office. It's called public service for a reason. But we can only blame ourselves, folks. We voted these chucklenuts into office. Here’s hoping we all remember this post next election time and vote the rat-bastards out. All except Assemblyman Ed. That brotherhubbard should run for governor. True dat.


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