Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi got creamed a couple of days ago when a BSC motherhubbard tossed a marble statue that hit him square in the mug. YOUCH! But am I the only one in the world who saw that story and instantly thought, “Why couldn’t the Iraqi shoe dude been that accurate?”

As the healthcare debate rambles through the Senate I got to thinking. Do you know anyone, that doesn’t have healthcare, who is against reform and a public option? I didn’t think so. Seems like the only people against healthcare reform are the ones who already have health insurance.

An new study, just released by the Census Bureau, says that by 2050 whites won’t make up the majority of citizens in the USo’A. If you go outside sometime today, cup your hand to your ear and listen very closely. That funny sound? That’s the sound of Lou Dobbs’ sphincter crushing a lump of coal into the world’s most perfect diamond. True dat.


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David Allen said...

Well - DUH!!! Of course people who already have health care don't want a crappy government run system. It works pretty damn well the way it is for most people. There is no benefit to ruining a system that works for 80%-90% to get services to 10%-20%. When you factor in that a good portion of those poor who don't have health insurance are here illegally it makes even less sense. Ruining health care for everyone so everyone at least a crappy government run system could only make sense to someone like you, PJ. So now - only those in the privledge government offices will have good health care - and the rest of us will have crap. Good going. Remember this when you'll eventually have a good friend or relative handed a death sentance from the government because they'll have to wait 1 year to begin cancer treatment or surgery... and remember that you chose giving Obama a cheap political win over your family member's life.