Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why We Fight?

I thought I’d seen it all. Guess I was wrong. In a story today, buzzin’ ‘round Cyberia, it seems telescopic sights used by the U.S. Military…OUR U.S. military…are stamped with…get this…references to Bible verses. Aye caramba! A question to all my Christian brothers and sisters out there: What do you think JZeus would say about that? I’m guessin’ He’d be pretty pissed off. But what would I know?

A new study out says that the Silver State ranks dead last in the US in K-12 education. WTF is up with that? One of the categories “draggin’ down” our ranking…”students’ potential for success.” So, all y’all out there who graduated from or are gonna graduate from a Nevada high school…y’all better start practicing your speaking voice. There’s a gig waiting for ya at a drive-thru near you.

And finally…all weekend there were commercials running encouraging Americans to donate to the Haiti Relief Fund set up by the Red Cross. All you had to do was text a number and they’d add ten bucks to your phone bill. Pretty easy, neh? But what piqued my interest was the disclaimer” “calling and text charges will apply.” Gee thanks Verizon and Sprint and AT&T. An earthquake fusticates Haiti and y’all are turnin’ a profit on it. Nice.


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Brenda said...

I have wanted to help some way, but have been very, very wary of contributing to the Red Cross (or any of the numerous organizations claiming to give the money to aid Haitians in their crisis). I have read too many times about how "funds" are appropriated.....some for paying for advertising, shipping costs, etc. So the final amount that is actually given towards their aid is something like 10 cents!