Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Teabaggers Can Bite Me

They're not chanting "Beat L.A!

They're not chanting "WOLF!..."PACK!"

They're not chanting "Boston Sucks!"

No, this is the kind of stuff that unites Americans. Something you bass-ackward, hatemongering, hypocritical, fascist, racist, xenophobic, soccer-hatin', can't spell, cracker-assed crackers know nothing about.

Yanks v Black Stars tomorrow at 11a. 'Til then...a little something to make you realize we are all
Sam's Army. Courtesy of Robby Donoho. WOOT!


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David Allen said...

Although I am convinced that the world's attempt to pass soccer off as an actual sport IS part of a greater socialist movement - it really has nothing to do with the Tea Party movement.

Soccer is the one sport that can make Golf or Cricket seem exciting. Ooohhh we tied!

Ohhh - another player flopping about pretending he's injured when there isn't any REAL contact like Rugby, Football or Hockey.

Ooooh another tie again. 0-0. How exciting.