Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nuggets From the Mind Shaft

The war of words between University Chancellor Jim Rogers and Governor Jim Gibbons is starting to resemble something out of the “WWE.” Now, we’ve never been ones to run away from a public cat fight but, c’mon guys. There’s real work to be done and y’all are acting like a couple of schoolgirls. Tell you what…if you two wanna fight, meet us downtown during halftime of a Bighorns game. We’ll rope y’all off some space and you can beat each other to smithereens. Winner gets his way, loser gets to steppin’. Either that, or STFU and get to work. Babies.

Speaking of fights…last week a couple of Spanish Springs high school students got into some fisticuffs. Gay rights advocates are calling it a hate crime while the Washoe County Sheriff says it wasn’t. That got us to thinkin’…when has a fist fight ever NOT been a hate crime? Just wondering.

The fighting has stopped, for now, in Gaza. Israel sure blew the shit out of that place. So when we read the story ‘bout U.S. aid to Gaza the bile started to rise. According to a report, the USo’A is gonna pay….wait for it…wait for it…$900 MILLION for Gaza reconstruction. WTF is up with that? Hey guys…Israel did the band damage in Gaza…not America. How the fuck come we’ve gotta pay for reconstruction? Israel broke it, Israel should have to pay for it. $900 million could go a long way back here in the states.

And finally, last week we told you about the City of Sparks spending gobs of scratch tryin’ to “re-brand” their identity. When residents heard about it they went BSC. No surprise there. But the story gets better…A city spokesman said the branding, development and marketing action plan is only a DRAFT plan. He said none of the 28 recommendations has been implemented and at a later date, the city council may take action on some, all, or none of them. AYE CARAMBA!!! You mean to say that, after spending all that dough, Sparks officials might not even use the new slogan? What kind of reaction did they think residents were gonna have when they heard the news? No matter folks…PTB to the rescue. Y’all wanna new slogan for your town? How ‘bout: "Sparks, Home of Douchebag Politicians.” Yup…we like that one. It fits.


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